累 [lèi] 形容词 (疲劳) tired; fatigued; weary:tired out with too much exertion; 累乏 tired out; exhausted; worn out 累极了 动词1. (使疲劳; 使劳累) tire out; wear out:knock out; 累得筋疲力尽 be tired out (to death); 累得要死2. (操劳) work

tired 累、劳累、疲倦. 望采纳,谢谢!

累1.tired; tire; to have worked hard

累[lèi] 形容词 (疲劳) tired; fatigued; weary 动词 tire out; wear out; work hard; toil

累: 1. cumbersome2. burthen3. tired4. accumulate (ACC)

累了:grow tired|get tired


你好!累 tired 英[tad] 美[tard] adj. 疲倦的; 困倦的; 对…不耐烦的; 陈旧的; v. (使)疲劳( tire的过去式和过去分词) ; 对(做)某事感到厌倦; [例句]Michael is tired and he has to rest after his long trip.迈克尔累了,他在长途旅行以后必须休息.

累的英语:tired 读音:英 ['tad]美 ['tard] adj.疲倦的;疲劳的;累的;厌烦的 动词tire的过去式和过去分词形式.词汇搭配:1、terribly tired 累得要命2、too tired 太累3、feel tired 感觉累4、look tired 看起来很疲倦 常见句型:1、I am a little


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