某个正在上课的教室里,年轻的英语教师CC先生突然发现XXX低着头趴在桌子上,于是就走过去.细心的问XXX同学身体是不是不舒服. 原来XXX吃坏了肚子,正在闹肚子. 关心,爱护同学的CC先生立刻让英语课代表安排同学自习.然后亲

It was winter. After a heavy snow, two boyscame out from their warm house. They used the snow on the road and made a snowman. They used almost two hours to stack the snow. Because it was cold so they were wearing thick clothes. They were

[小学英语看图作文]小学英语看图作文 (经典文章,与大家分享!)Please look at the picture carefully and tell the class what you see in the picture and how you understand it

Happy day Today is sunny. There are some people in the picnic, they are very happy. Behind them is a long river. Girl riding a bike, boys flying kites. Have a very large tree. Oh, really happy day ah!

today is sunday.the weather is very nice.there are two students on the street. they are planting trees. first,they dig a hole. then ,they put the tree into the hole. next, they water it. after that, they tie up the tree beside a stick. they are very happy.

one day,mr. wang went to beijing for a visit. after he arrived at the airport of beijing, he took a taxi to the beiao hotel where he would stay. the taxi driver was very kind and helpful though mr. wang could not speak chinese at all. according to the hotel

There are a lot of storys about exams ,But I won't forget that final exam , it is the most unforgetable. Before the exam ,I reviewed the lessons simply , although other classmates reviewed the lessons again and again .I thought that I remembered all

In the very early morning, my Dad took me to school by car and I was the second one who came into the classroom. I said hello to Liming and then we two started to cleaned the classroom. Soon, more and more classmates came in and we were

ShenHe is a famous actor.His nickname is XiaoShen Yang.He is from LiaoNing.He was born in 1981 and he is 28 years old now.He is 174 centimeters high.He also has a funny--looking.So he can make people laugh all the time.He is good at imitating others and singing.I like him very much because of his funny-looking.

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