Hi!My name is XXX,and my English name is XXX,because I like XXX.I'm from XXX primary school.I have small ayes but a large nose.My face is around and i wear a pair of thick glasses. My favourite subject in school are music and Chinese.And I

中英文个人简历模板 Standard resumé template标准简历模板 Note: Please complete section 1 and 2 in both English and Chinese and the rest in English.请注意:第1和2项内容需用中英填写,其它部分需英文填写.) Heading 表头 Current

My name is WF.I'm from Xuchang Henan where I was born and grow up. I'm fond of playing badminton and reading.There are four people in my family,my father,my mother,my brother and I.I'm the youngest.My father is abussinessman.My mother is a

My Family I have a happy family.There are three members in it,my father,my mother and I .My father is a worker,he works in a factory.Every morning he gets up very early to work and gets home late.He works hard.My mother is a maths teacher.She

您好,网上复制粘贴的大多不太简明,以下是本人写的通用英文自我介绍,附带翻译,使用时请按自己个具体情况稍作修正,希望回答对您有帮助: hello everyone, i am glad to give a brief introduction to myself. my name is xx, and i'm xx years old

这是一个简单适用的通俗版的英语自我介绍模板,适合各类场合包括面试、会议、小朋友交友、小朋友演讲等.this is me hello!my name is (jianli-sky). i am (seven)years old. i have two big eyes.i have a small nose. i can (sing and dance). my

如果就是个人资料的话就 document 或者Personal Infomation如果是简历的话就是resume 如果是个人陈述的话就是personal statement

It's my pleasure to become your friend My name is*******. I was born in the city of Huangshi. I studied in YouHao high school. My favourite subjects are Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry and computer. I have been very fond of and

Resume Personal Information Name:Birth of Year: Birth of Place: Hukou: Marriage Status: Gender: Mobile Number: Email: Education Background Year/month year/month University Name Bachelor Degree? (major in…) Work Experience Year/

Good morning Judges. My name is I am from China,I'm eleven years old now. I like singing,dancing,playing badminton and so on. I am an active and outgoing girl .I believe I

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