Nowadays, a good command of English and computer techniques is a must for us students. I think it quite important to learn English and computer well. English is my favourite subject. As a result, I spend much spare time learning English. For

On way home from school Li Hua and I had a unique experience yesterday. Ten minutes after we left school yesterday afternoon we saw a little boy fall off his bicycle and hurt

One day, Mary and Tom went to plant trees, they buried the saplings in the earth, watering it. After a month, they come to visit young trees, small trees grow taller, and after a month, they came to see the tree again, this time, the tree grew up, there are

what effects does littering have on the enviroment?Litter can cause a whole range of problems foreveryone in the community. Litter discarded instreets and parks can travel through the storm watersystem to our bays and oceans, where it can


Being a volunteer is great Last week,our school divided four groups of students to do something meaningful for some people.Well,the first group watered the flowers in the park.The second group went to the bus station to wash the cars.Some

last friday,my parents and i went out for dinner. the dishes were tasty. my father drank a glass of red wine. he enjoyed it very much. then, he drove us home. unluckily, a policeman stopped us to test whether the driver had drunk any wine. he found it

Dear David, Last week we had a discussion on what we should do for our school before graduation. The students in our class have different suggestions.Some of us think that we can donate some books we used for the school library. Or we can

As can be seen in the picture, the child not only carrys very large school bag with so many things on his back, but also takes a computer in front of him, he scans the information on the computer as walking on the road. I think the picture conveys a

请根据下列表格中所提供的材料,结合你的生活经历,展开想象,以学生的身份用英语写一篇短文. 有形的钥匙 无形的钥匙 生活中必不可少,拥有它方便、快捷,丢失了会增加烦恼. 学习、成长中同样重要, 比如…… (至少三点) In a word,

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