electrical bicycle electric bike E-Bike 电动自行车

electric bicycle 电动自行车 electric car 电动汽车 VS天才翻译家

electric car/bicycle

电动车电动自行车Electric bicycle for electric vehicles 电动自行车 [词典] electrotachyscope; [例句]中国是最大的制造和消费铅用于电池,汽车和电动自行车的大国.China is the largest producer and consumer of lead for batteries, cars and electric bikes.

电动车electrocar [lektr()k:]

电动车 electrombile electrocar

motor van

electric bicycle 电动自行车electric car 电动汽车VS天才翻译家

First, electric car use environmental condition Electric car when exwork uses by an examination. (1) main technical performance request (1) electric car highest speed should not be bigger than 20km/h. (2) electric car entire vehicle quality should

电动车用英语的说法是electric bicycle. 例: 1.Battery electric bicycle on the problem of pollution. 电池的污染问题的电动自行车. 2.By the combination of the machinery and the electricity, the utility model canreplace the prior electric bicycle. 本实

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