1.From now on, I will try my best.2.He made a big mistake and lost his job as a result.3.He is so sick that he can't go to school today.4.Anyhow, I have to finish homework today.5.He has caught the positive aspect of technological revolution.列清单 make a list手工翻译,仅供参考~



Anyhow, I am not interested to her.

谁真的在乎?不管怎样 matter what不论怎样 anyhow 不论怎样 2.永远 forever 3.考入 enter // pass into


During these few months of internship, I took a big step crossing from school life to my official career. From the initial curiosity and bewilderment to striving hard and consultation of colleagues, now not only can I handle the difficult tasks with

你妈在放屁!! 这是WINDOW SHOPPER的歌词!!

There's no point in being careful 小心谨慎是没有必要的 I'll burn bridges anyway 反正我早已破釜沉舟没有退路 There's no point in talking vicious 恶言相向已无意义 (I've) nothing cutting left to say 我已无话可说 I've achieved my own

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