1. Our School Our school is in the west of the city. It is very big with a tall teaching building. There are thirty classrooms, a modern library, a dinning hall and a gym. There is a big playground where we often have sports. There are lots of trees and

(1)表示增加的过渡词:also,and,and then,too,in addition,furthermore,moreover,again,on top ofthat,another,firstsecondthird等. (2)表示时间顺序的过渡词:now,then,before,after,afterwards,earlier,lat-r,immediately,soon,next,in afew days,gradually,

1My Favorite Job I want to be a teacher because I think they are great. If I become a teacher,I will work hard to teach my students. I will work with the children. I love children very much,so I will be happy every day. I will also be able to work outside

1. Introduction of myself Hello,everybody. My name isI am twelve year old. I am tall and thin. I like sports very much because it is one of the best ways of keeping healthy and it can bring me lots of happiness. I like swimming, playing baketball and

第一篇:现在,我很苦恼.我买了一本英语书,可是我不知道它的意思.我一点也看不懂.我想,也许我要好好的学习英语.只有这样我才能学会很多知识,才能看懂英语和别人交流.我要对自己说一句:加油!I was depressed because I

My sister This is my sister. Her name is Lily's is 14 years old and her favorite food is fish. Look! This is her room. It is a big and clean room. Do you like this room? I like it very much. What a lovely girl she is! My bed room Look! This is my bed room.

I often go to see my grandma and grandpa during winter vacation. They are both seventy years old and live in the country happily. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning and breathing the fresh air in the

1.My good friend My good friend is XXX.He(She) is 13 years old.He(She) has a round face.And two big eyes.His height is 165CM.He likes playing basketball and football very much.(She likes dancing very much.)He likes dressing white clothes.(She

My school is very beautiful. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school and we often play sports on it . My classroom is big and clean.There are many books in the library.I often read books here.There are some music rooms

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