summer If you ask me.what is your faverite season? I am sure . I'll choose summer Why? Let me tell you .In summer ,the weather is hot, so we can go swimming . i like it very much. summer it is ofter rainy and hot. sometimes rainy in summer .sometimes ci eat ice cream at home .so i very happy

It was sunny and very hot today. I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast. Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room. After a short rest I did my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming

My Birthday Yesterday was My 7years birthday. My parents had a birthday party at home. I invited my friends to come to the party. At the party. They gave me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pens and so on. They sang Happy

Hello,my name's Annie.I'm thirteen years old.I live in Shanghai.I have long hair and two small ears.I have a piar of big eyes.And I have a small nose and a small mouth.I'm very tall and thin.I'm in Class One Grade Six.My birthday is on January the first.I

第一篇:现在,我很苦恼.我买了一本英语书,可是我不知道它的意思.我一点也看不懂.我想,也许我要好好的学习英语.只有这样我才能学会很多知识,才能看懂英语和别人交流.我要对自己说一句:加油!I was depressed because I

自我介绍 Hello,everyone! My name is Linda. I'm a ten-year-old girl. I study in a primary school. My school is very beautiful. And I like it very much. My hobby is collecting stamps. I have many beautiful stamps. I have a long hair. Do you make friends with me?自己纯手工打字出来的、望采纳

如果有的句子你闲长,你可以拆成两个作文哈.下面有8个作文,另外这有个网址,里面还有好多呢 letter to my mother Dec. 7th Dear mother,(这里不用我翻译了吧) I have been good at school.(我在学

1.May 1 each year is International Labor Day, this day, workers throughout the world can be a holiday break. They tired of the one-year short-term in this day of rest! 2. Labor day is will come.We are every happy.My mother will go shopping,my father

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A field trip I went go to the Fu jian xiao men four years ago.It's a good place,so many people stay at there.I like that xiamen gu lang yu.So romantic place it is.When you see the xiao men,you should be go to the gu langyu and xiao men university.It

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