English is more important now.But it is difficult for many students to study it.Now I make some suggestion,maybe can help you.First,you should take notes and take them here and there.When you're free,you can take them out and read it.Next,you

loving and thanks baby. 爱与感激,亲爱的i'm merry every days because my wife. 我因为我的妻子而每天都很快乐.honny. 亲爱的waiting for your husband little more. 再等等你的丈夫吧……i'll go on a business trip to honduras in 31th-december.

关于互联网的小短文 Everything lives with opposite forces. The same can be said about modern technology, such as Internet. At first glance Internet offers us excitement and a worl of promise. Frankly speaking, people who have some ideas of it

昨天早上一只兔子到田地去,她看见地上很多胡萝卜 她回到家拿了个大袋子,把所有胡萝卜放进袋子里 (袋子)非常重,她不知道怎么办,于是就坐在地上 这是一只狗来了看见了这一切,他想帮兔子搬袋子 可是他们还是挪不动袋子“请在这里等等”狗说着,然后跑开了. 过了一会儿,狗带着很多朋友回来了,熊猫 乌龟,鸡,山羊还有绵羊. 兔子很高兴,他们开始挪动袋子. 这次很简单了,他们帮助兔子把袋子弄回家. 【虽然英语里有过去式,但是翻译成中文是没有过去式的】

hello! my name is chen danqing. my english name is joy. i'm 14 years old. i'm a happy girl. i have a happy family. my father and my mother are both office workers. they're busy. but at weekends, they always cook nice food for me. i'm happy in the

1. Beijing---Capital of China Beijing is the capital of China.It's a large modern city with a long hostory.Beijing is also a city of tourism. Do you like Beijing?翻译: 北京是中国

Good morning, respectable judges, teachers. Today, standing here makes me feel really honored and excited. The title of my speech is my future , my dream. Everyone likes dreaming of the future. For student, the most dream maybe an famous


(1) A HAT A lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. As she was very fussy, it took her a long time to pick on one. Already at the end of his patience the salesman was afraid that she might

Fox and cock One morning a fox sees a cock.He think,"This is my breakfast.'' He comes up to the cock and says,"I know you can sing very well.Can you sing for me?''The cock is glad.He closes his eyes and begins to sing.The fox sees that

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