开头:Dear XXX,I am glad to receive your letter.很高兴收到你的来信./ You asked me about( problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在来信中询问我.,现在,让我给你一些建议./ It has been a long time since we met.我们很

Dear My Friend,How are you?Do you want to know about my English study?OK,I will tell you.I study English at Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.I study JianQiao English.And,last Saterday I took part in th

Dear ```` I`m very glad for hearing from you .`````````````````````````````````````` Yours Tom

1. I'm writing to (inform you of the good news that you are admitted to Peking University). 2. I think it a great help if you can do me a favour and (provide me with whatever I need) 3. I'm looking forward to your early reply.

Dear Davie, i'm very glad to receive your letter telling me about your troubles. You said (他的烦恼),I feel sorry about this. My suggest is that you should first……, second(你的建议). Besides, you ought to do your best to improve your study,

一、开头 is it going? 最近怎么样?2.i am glad to receive your letter.很高兴收到你的来信 asked me about(+problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在来信中询问我.,现在,让我给你一些建议 has been a

常用开头:1 I was glad to hear you good news.很高兴听到您的消息.2 Forgive me for not writing sooner.原谅我没有很快回信.3 It was very kind of you to reply so quickly.你能很快回信太好了.4 I am sorry to hear that you have not been well.听说

Dear Ms Li, I am very happy to have you as our English teacher. As the world is becoming a global village, English is getting more and more important, so mastering English means we can see the world through a new window. My English is just OK

Dear(人) Hi! (要说的话) (祝您) Your's(例如:朋友、侄女等) (日期) 说实话,跟我们平常写中文信的格式是差不多的.

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